British Canoeing Canoe Award

The Canoe Award (formerly 3 star) is designed to develop your skill, judgment and decision making when planning and undertaking journeys on grade 1 rivers and on lakes, in winds up to and including force 3. Previous paddling experience is essential and you should be competent at paddling on sheltered water prior to attending this course.

On this course we will help you to acquire the skills needed for a successful day out on the water, and coach you in confidently controlling your boat. Over the 2 day course you will spend a day on a lake, where in addition to journeying and paddling skills we will look at sailing a canoe, and a day on a river, where we will build your paddling skills manoeuvring in the moving water environment and also look at poling and lining. We will also consider equipment and preparation, and important safety and rescue elements. Our Canoe Award courses usually take place over 2 days in Devon.

The syllabus for the Canoe Award can be found here.

Cost: from £150

Course dates:

Our Canoe Award courses are arranged on request. Please get in touch to arrange some dates. 

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