Discover the excitement and adventure of exploring some of the natural cave systems in the Mendips and Devon. Under the expert leadership of your Somerset Adventures instructor you will walk, crawl and scramble around one of the classic caves of the region. Bring your family for a day out with a difference. Caving is a great adventure for all types of groups and individuals. You may even discover the hobby of a lifetime!

Here are some of the caves that we visit regularly, but we also have lots more to choose from so there is always something new when you come again!


Caving on the MendipsGoatchurch Cavern is a wonderful cave in Burrington Coombe, on the Mendips near Cheddar. This is a dry cave and offers a selection of walking passages as well as plenty of smaller wriggling passages for the adventurous! A great cave for beginners.



Caving 11Pridhamsleigh Cavern is a gloriously muddy cave situated near Ashburton, on the edge of Dartmoor. Descend through a series of wonderful passages and caverns to the edge of an underground lake.



Caving in Priddy

Swildon’s Hole is in Priddy on the Mendips, near Cheddar. This cave offers both wet and dry passages and some fine formations to admire. Follow the stream as it carves its way underground through the cave and admire the natural beauty of the rock sculpted by water over millions of years.



Swildons adventure caving on the MendipsSump 1 trip in Swildon’s Hole. This is a longer trip taking in excess of 4 hours underground and is thus best suited for those who have been on at least one previous caving trip. The trip down to sump 1 in Swildons is a classic trip that takes you deeper into the cave following the streamway down waterfalls and pools. This section of the cave is well decorated with flowstone and wonderful formations. A sporting trip for the physically fit and agile.


Caving experience

A bespoke guided caving adventure just for you and your group.

Your instructor will lead you round one or more of the best caves in the region, on the Mendips or in Devon. Enjoy the adventure and sense of exploration, and marvel at the rock formations and decorations formed over tens of thousands of years.
All equipment is included.
1 cave: from £35 per person 
2 caves: from £60 per person 
Swildons sump 1 trip: from £60 per person
Caving and climbing adventure day: from £60 per person

Discounts available for large groups – please enquire. Fantastic discounted rates available for schools and youth groups.

Dates: we are open every day all year round. 

Contact us to discuss your requirements and arrange a date for your caving adventure or

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